Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pool Noodle Lightsaber - Dare to Share Feature of the Day

How to make your own lightsaber, star wars crafts

There are several reasons why I picked Pool Noodle Lightsabers by There's Just One Mommy as today's Dare to Share Feature.  Even though it has been out for a few months the Star Wars The Force Awakens is still a huge movie.  If there were any kids who did not have the chance to see it yet, they might now that it has come out on video this week.  It is finally warming up where we live, and I have actually started to see pool noodles at the store again.   Kids will have a blast making their own lightsabers, and then have hours of fun pretending to be their favorite character for very little money.  Lightsabers would also  make great craft take home gift at your Star Wars themed party.  So if you know someone who would love to be part of the fun be sure to check out the full tutorial over at  There's Just One Mommy.   

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