Thursday, March 24, 2016

Last Minute Easter Ideas

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links to the supplies I used making these Easter crafts 

Easter is now only a few days away.   I am so not ready!!  Yesterday I realized I still need to buy eggs, and I also still need to buy some of the food for our Easter dinner. Eek!   Does anyone else feel a bit rushed in their preparations  when Easter is in March?   Over the years I have posted several Easter posts that I thought I would share again, for anyone needing some last minute ideas like me.  

My first picture is of my Bunny Treat Boxes .  They are still one of my favorite Easter crafts. They are quick and simple to make, and kids love them.  The supplies you will need to make them are mini square containers mini white pom poms, white chenille pipe cleaners, and google eyes.  I found my supplies at the dollar store and craft store.  The dollar store does not always have the mini containers in stock, and can be hard to find, so I linked to the same ones on Amazon.  You can see the full tutorial to the Bunny Treat Boxes here.

If you like other spring animals as well.  You might like my Chick and Lamb treat boxes.  They are made in a similar manner but you would need round mini containers.

These Spring Animal Boxes were a lot of fun to make. All you need is cardboard tubes, a little bit of paint, and some basic craft supplies.  You can fill them with a small bag of candy, or small toy. 

One year I decorated the table with Easter Egg Buddies make from dollar store plastic eggs. 

My daughter made this craft for Easter a few years ago.  She found an extra large chenille stem at the craft store and turned it into a Bunny Head that is cute on it's own, but can also be added to a wreath or decoration. 

One year  I made a water proof Easter Wreath using an item you normally would not use on a wreath.  

Over the years we have shared some Unique Egg Coloring Techniques

Last year we shared a few new techniques like this one in the picture above.  You can see how we made it and a few others here.

Need some food ideas.  We got  your covered there too.  My kids look forward to my Leftover Ham Casserole every year that is made with our leftover Easter ham. 

We also have an Easter morning tradition for breakfast.  Pretty much every holiday, on the night before I whip up a batch of Make Ahead Stuff French Toast.  The family loves it and it makes busier morning breakfasts for much easier.  All you need to do is take it out of fridge and put it in the oven. 

I also have dessert covered.  Several years ago I made Easter Cake Pops. This was when my blog was pretty new, so remember that when you see how bad the pictures are. ;) I really should make them again, because my kids loved them, and they did turn out pretty cute. 

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