Friday, March 18, 2016

Dare to Share #205

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

The week started out with promise, and then went a little crazy.  I had the chance to make my kids Spinach Rice Casserole with Bacon and Pineapple   on Monday.  I don't know about you, but spring forward daylight savings time, is HARD  to adjust to.  On top of that we have crazy weather were it is 60+ degrees one day, and 30 the next.  Every time we think Spring is finally here, nature shows us she is temperamental.  I had trouble sleeping for the first two days of the new time  change, which gave me a really bad headache. I was so tired, I ended up taking a 3.5 hour nap.  Tuesday I was busy with work and small group.   

We found out about 5:30 on Wednesday that  we had a fugitive on the lam.  This is Taffy. One of our cats sat on the top of her cage, and their weight ripped her screen lid some time Wednesday afternoon when no one was in the room. She saw the open hole and the opportunity to go on an adventure.  About 3 in the afternoon I heard a commotion with one or more of the cats by the slider door. I think that might after been when she made her escape.  As soon as we saw the hole in the cage, my daughter looked for her and saw that she was already  missing.   At that point we did not know how long she was missing, or where she could have gone.  We searched for her for HOURS.  We thought we heard her a few times, but did not have any visual sightings.  Being a small furry animal that lives with some feline siblings, we knew it was very important that we find her as soon as possible.  It got to be very late and a school night, so my daughter did go to sleep around midnight  I was pretty much up off and on all night and go very little sleep. The next morning she had a migraine and did not feel well.  While we did not lose hope, as the time went by we were beginning to worry that we might not find her..  Finally around 5:15 on Thursday.  I heard a noise in my room.  Milo our big boy cat went to go check it out. I went to go see what he was looking at.  It was then I saw a little face peeking at me from behind a box.  She was really tired and ready to go back to her cage..  She even walked right into my daughter's hands. We think she was relieved to have been found..  

Today I worked in a Special Ed classroom, and tonight went to a special class at my church.  Now it is Friday night and already time for the party.. Maybe this weekend, I will be able to get finish the posts and features  I had planned for this week.  

Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal and not just on St Patrick's Day.   Kim my co-host from Kandy Kreations shared a  Lucky Charms team treat printable tag this week. If you are even in charge of snacks for the team, you might want to print some.  

Now it is time for this week's party.  You are welcome to share anything that you would like to share.  If you are chosen as a Dare to Share feature  you post will be featured on the blog and on social media.  This party is also seen on Kandy Kreations for double the exposure.  Kim also chooses posts to feature on her blog and social media. 


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