Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Make a Bunny Cake

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Disclosure: This post has affiliate links to the supplies I used to make this bunny cake. 

This Easter we ate our holiday meal at a friend's house.  She made the made the ham, my daughter made the extra cheesy au gratin potatoes, our boys made the deviled eggs, and I made the Easter Bunny cake   A bunny cake is not that hard to make, and might become a yearly tradition in our house from now on.   

To make an Easter Bunny cake, bake your favorite cake recipe or box mix  in two  8 inch or 9 inch pans,  I believe I used 9 inch pans so my bunny will be slightly longer and thinner than if you use 8 inch. 

Once the cake has cooled, cut it in half down the middle 

Add a little bit of frosting between the two halves and place them on their side like in the picture.  This will become the body of the bunny.  Cover the body with lots of frosting. My edges were a little uneven, so they got a little more frosting to even the edge out. 

The next step was to figure out  what size to make the bunny head. so I got out some of my cookie cutters. I was trying to decide between my Wilton 4 piece circle cutter set and my Wilton bunny head set. Either shape would work out well, but I decided to go with the circle head  because we were running late on time, and I thought it might be easier to frost.  

I used the 3 inch cutter , but it is your preference on how big or little you would like to make the bunny head.  

Using the cookie cutter, cut the head piece out of the second cake. Since you will not need the remainder  of the 2nd cake, you can then  crumble up the rest make Cake Pops, or cut out small bunny feet. I decided not to have feet on my cake

Frost the bunny head, and attach it to the body piece with some frosting.  I had my daughter help me choose what candy to use for the face, She went for a simple look with just jelly beans.  

The bunnies ears are made out of pink and white cardstock attached to toothpicks. 

We had to travel about 20 miles with our bunny on a cake plate.  She did get bumped a little bit so she looks crooked in this picture, but I wanted to show her tail.  I used a pink egg shaped marshmallow for a quick and easy tail. I thought the pink tail looked cute with her pink nose.  If you prefer you could use a small circle cutter and use cake, a cake ball, or Sno Ball Snack Cakes  for the tail instead.   You might have also noticed that our bunny cake does not have coconut on it. My kids and I do not like coconut at all, so I did not add any.  If you do like it, you can cover the frosting with a coating of coconut to give it a different look, We swirled the frosting a bit, to give it some texture  

The cake is now ready to eat and enjoy!   

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