Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mini Halloween Cupcakes

Decorating ideas for Halloween cupcakes

It is time for me to make an introduction.  You might have noticed in Our Visit to the Renaissance Festival post that there is a little girl you have not seen before in my pictures. She looks a little bit like my daughter Kara, but is a bit younger than you remember Kara to be.  Six months ago, this  special little girl came into my life.  For now, I am not going to use her first name, because I forgot to ask if it was okay.  I will just use the initial B. How she came into my life is kind of crazy. It is one of those stories that you know that a higher power has to be  involved.  B's dad and I grew up, and graduated together three hours away in another state many years ago.  We knew each other back then, but not really well. About a year and a half ago I saw him comment on a mutual friend's post. He did not have his profile picture up yet, so I clicked on him to see if there were any recent pictures.  I was in for quite a surprise!! He had on his profile that he went to church in the very town I was currently living in. I contacted him, and we found out we have been living in the same area for many years! Neither one of us had any idea, and had not crossed paths in the 11 years we were both here.  We then talked on Facebook for about a year. Not all the time, but once in awhile.  He mentioned we should go get ice cream some time. I agreed, but for whatever reason it did not happen.  This past March I took my daughter to the movies during a special free film festival.  Right before the movie started, I saw him walk in with his daughter.  They ended up sitting two rows directly behind us. After the movie, we talked for a bit. I met B, but she was pretty shy that day. When we said goodbye,  we said we would talk again soon. Two weeks later, I ran into him again.  We didn't run into each other in 11 years, but then do twice in just a couple of weeks?!.. Hmmm.  He invited me to visit their church for Easter.  I went, and I really liked it. I now go to the same church. B's dad and I found out we have been living very similar lives the last several years, and really understand what each other has been  going through. We started talking more, and seeing each other at church.  Over the summer, B. and her dad were a huge help. They helped me a lot with the endless move, and we started to do fun things together too.   B. and I are a lot alike. She loves to make things, do crafts, and bake. She came into my life at the perfect time. I have been struggling a bit with my oldest daughter graduating, and moving away. My younger two are also getting older, and will be graduating within a few years as well. They often do not want to do things anymore. For the last 19 years, all I have known is being a mom, so  the transition has been difficult. B. wants to do all the fun things that I used to do with my own kids.  She has become like a "bonus daughter" to me.  We have made a lot of plans for the next few months, so hopefully you will see of B in more of my posts. 


I let B. choose what she wanted to make when she came to my house for the afternoon. She really liked the Blue Velvet cake mix. The plan was to make Blue Monster Cupcakes.  When she saw all my various candies, sprinkles and frostings, she changed her mind.  We then decided to use the mini cupcake pan to make bite size treats. 

She used a combination of white regular frosting with Wilton color mists, and Icing cans with tips. She then used different kinds of sprinkles, and candy to make several creepy cupcakes.  

I think it was more fun to see what she came up with, instead of making all of the cupcakes the same.  She enjoyed it so much that she decorated all 53 mini cupcakes.. (3 disappeared before they could be frosted.. LOL!)  Our favorites are the cupcakes with the bones and the eyeballs.  They all tasted great, and we made a memory.  

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