Monday, September 14, 2015

Back to School and Everything Else

It is back to school time where we live.  We are in a state where school actually starts after Labor Day, and  I really like it that way. This year the start of school was bittersweet.  In years past I would have three happy, smiling kids to get ready for school. We would take a lot of fun pictures in the daylight before catching the bus.   This year there were only two, as my oldest graduated this past June. My youngest is starting high school, and the freshman were the only ones to go in on the first morning which meant pictures by herself.  The high school starts pretty early, so it is often still dark when we leave for school. My kids also do not ride the bus this year.   My daughter was feeling nervous and tired, so she was not really into taking pictures in the dark. I can't say I blame her. I was nervous for her. 

A few hours later it was my son's turn to go. He also was not that happy to have his picture taken.  It was late enough for there to be daylight, but I just could not get him to smile.  I have a couple of pictures of him looking like this, before he decided he was done.  I am used to it though, almost every single year he has made a least one grumpy face. He has so many of them, I was able to make a collage.  LOL!  

I was hoping that after school I would be able to get some pictures of the two of them together. Luckily they were a little more cooperative then.  They were both tired and hungry, but they stopped long enough for a photo where they were both smiling.  We even had a bonus fur baby getting in on the act.  While I may not have many first day photos this year, we have made it successfully through the first week, and that is what counts.  

This week is when the real craziness begins.. The calm of summer is definitely over.  We went from zero to 60 overnight.  This week both dance and robotics begin.  Kara is starting her 13th year of dance, and Kyle his 3rd year of Robotics.  We also have an Orthodontist appointment  (they will decide if they are coming off tomorrow!)  There will also be the yearly open house at the high school where you can walk your child's schedule and meet the teachers. It is hard for parents like me where you have two students, and you have to pick and choose which class to go to.   I also have a kick off dinner for my womens' group that I attend during the school year.  I am looking forward to that night, because is always a good night with friends.   

Did you just go back to school too?  Are you back to your busy back to school schedule?  

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