Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun at the Holland Aquatic Center

Disclosure: I was given passes to come visit the Holland Community Aquatic Center for a honest review. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.  

September has been a busy month for us. Not only did we have the chance to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, we also the opportunity to go to the Holland Community Aquatic Center.  We used to live in Holland when the kids were little. They were young enough when we moved away that they do not remember the town very well.  Holland is such a fun place to visit and only a couple of hours away, so we were excited to go back for the day.  We had not had a chance to go to the aquatic center before we moved, so this was the first time we went. 

When we pulled up to the center it reminded us a little bit of a school. We noticed how nice everything looked as we walked into the building.  The woman that greeted us at the front desk was very nice. She told us a little bit about the center, and then directed us to the locker rooms. 

I brought Kara, and her best friend to swim. I was not really sure what to expect at first, and if two teenage girls who are not big swimmers would have fun, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. They ended up really enjoying themselves.  They are also in a goofy picture face phase so most of their pictures  look like this. 

The pool was divided into multiple areas.   The inflatable obstacle course was in the deep end of the pool.  Because it is in the deep end, for safety reasons guests need to pass a swim test before getting on it.  

In the middle part of the center there is a lap pool.  It is open for people who want to swim laps.  It is also where they give the swim tests to the guests who want to use the deep end of the pool.  The zip line is only available on certain days and not up the day we were there. 

In the shallow end of the pool, there is a giant water slide.  Do you see the dolphin on the right side of the picture.  He is showing how tall you need to be to go down the slide. (48") The person in the red T shirt next to the dolphin is one of the lifeguards.  All areas of the aquatic center had lifeguards watching over the guests.  The girls loved the slide and went down it several times.  On the left side of the picture you can see a round area.  This is vortex pool, which spins you around in a circle.  Children under 48" need an adult with them to go in this part of the pool.   I did not need to worry about the girls in the vortex pool,  Kara is three inches taller than me.  

This was my favorite part of the swim area. A 12 foot diameter spa that you can not get in unless you are 16 years or older.  The girls were a bit bummed they were not old enough to use it.  I may have teased them a bit while I was in it without them. ;) 

Their favorite area to play in was the water playground.  They loved standing in the fountains and under the tumble buckets.  They are actually under them in this photo.  I did find it kind of funny that they loved the area designed for little ones.  Guess they are not as grown up as they like to think they are.  We were all glad we went, and will hopefully visit again soon.

If you are interested in visiting the Holland Community Aquatic Center they are open various hours through the week.  They do close temporarily for swim meets, so it is always best to check ahead the hours it will be open on the day you want to go.   In addition to open swim time in the splash zone, they have a variety of classes and are available for parties.  The cost of entry is between $4.50 and $5.50 per person  depending on it if is a one time visit or a splash pack (groups of 4 or more)  If you live in the Holland Public School District there is a $1.25 discount.  For more information, be sure to check out the website HERE.

Also be sure to check out this special deal for a coupon for a buy one get one free admission pass


  1. Wow, I want to be a kid and go there. What a great place for anyone of all ages. LOL, what fun


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