Friday, September 4, 2015

Flashback Friday Party Post and More

While I am spending these last few days before school starts with my kids and getting them ready for school,  I am also beginning to think of fall and all of the fun posts that come with it. I have a long list of things I want to make and do.  As you know this summer was a hard one for me.  While I am sad to see summer end, the start of school will bring a new start, a new routine, and some new adventures. I am planning on writing on my second blog Surviving the Crazy Life again. My last post was way back in March when Kara was dealing with her migraines.  I did not mean to stop writing on it, it's just my life got TOO CRAZY :O  Yes, that is a shocked face. 

So while I am busy taking care of some other things today, I thought I would re-share some of my favorite apple party posts from a few years. Hard to believe it is apple picking time already!  

I am looking forward to some new apple posts in the upcoming weeks!  


  1. Cute apple themed ideas! Enjoy this time of renewal, and enjoy all of your plans and projects you have in mind!


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