Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet Snowflake Treats

Sweet treats in the shape of snowflakes

Where I live we are still pretty much stuck inside.  Tomorrow will be our third day off of school because of snow, icy roads, and extreme temps.   Since I am still not able to get out and get some of the supplies I was hoping to, I am going to revisit on of our favorite treats for a snow themed party. 

sweet snowflakes made from tortillas

A few years ago, I made sweet snowflakes out of full size tortillas. I thought I would try to make them again, but a much smaller size. 

I pulled out my snowflake cookie cutters.  I only have two, but I will be on the lookout for some more interesting shapes.  I also pulled out a couple of flour tortillas. I would have used more, but I want to save them for dinner. :)

Using the cookie cutters, I cut several snowflakes out of the torillas. It was a bit hard to go all the way through, so I scored the shapes a little bit more with a paring knife. 

Place the shapes on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Brush a little bit of vegetable oil lightly on each side of the snowflakes, and put them in a preheat 400 degree oven.  Bake them for only 3 or 4 minutes.  

Now the fun part..  Sprinkle the snowflakes with powdered sugar on both sides. I like mine really sweet so I sprinkled on a lot.  

sweet snowflake treats covered in powdered sugar

There are now ready to serve.  The powdered sugar does make them a little bit messy, but that is what makes them fun because it looks like real snow. Sweet snowflakes are such a quick and easy treat to serve at your snow themed, or Frozen party. 

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