Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a Frozen Party!

Did you see the movie Frozen yet?  We finally had the chance a few days ago.  Even though we got a lot of snow on the pre-scheduled date, Kara and I braved the snowy roads and cold to meet some friends for the movie. We were both very glad that we did..  We LOVED it!  Part of the reason why this movie is so much fun is because of the lovable snowman Olaf.  This picture of this adorable scene was taken at our local movie theater. I am going to try and make a smaller version during Frozen party week.  

We are currently snowed in at my house  just like Arendelle was in the movie, which makes the timing of this party even more fun.. (though some of my ideas will have to wait until we dig out enough to so I can get to the store.) The scary thing about this picture was that it was taken about 4 p.m., it is now 11 p.m. and we got a lot more snow.  I will share the after picture in the next post.  Tonight on the news they were saying that my area got at least a foot of snow of today.  And unlike Elsa.. the cold does bother me anyway! 

For this first day of Frozen week, I am going to share some of the highlights from my Snow Day/Snowman party from a few years ago. Any of these ideas would work  with the Frozen party theme as well.  You can see the full post of the party here.

I made a snowman centerpiece out of styrofoam balls and basic craft supplies.  You can see how to put him together in this post here.    I drew snowman faces on styrofoam cups and write the kids names on the back, so they could keep track of their own cup. 

I went through all of my goodies, and made a make a snowman bar. I put out anything that the kids could use to make an edible snowman.

Here were some of the creations we came up with.  They were fun to make, and fun to eat.  

The kids also loved their snowman themed lunch. We had snowman pizza, snowmen made from bananas, pretzel snowmen, and teddy grahams sledding in bowls of vanilla yogurt. 

Stay tuned for more ideas to come! 


  1. Wow! What a blizzard. I thought my house was cold. No snow but 0 degrees. The coldest ever for Arkansas. Blessings and have fun with all the snowman fun!
    Diane Roark

  2. What a fun party idea! My children adored the movie Frozen and we listen to the movie soundtrack daily.


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