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Frozen Party Food, Games and Activities

#Frozen Party Food, Games and Activities

In the last few weeks, I have been sharing some ideas that would be great for a Frozen themed party.  Here are even more ideas to make your party memorable. 

How to make an Olaf the Marshmallowman


A color scheme of blue and white gives a "frozen" feel 
Blue plastic buckets (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree) are great for serving food 
Hang snowflake garland made from paper or foam snowflakes 
Hang snowflakes from the ceiling with clear fishing line to look like it is snowing 
Decorate foam cups with Olaf's face using markers or colored pencils 
Cover furniture with white sheets to make them look snow covered

Make Elsa's Ice Candy for a #Frozen Party


Serve carrots for Sven and the  guests 
Dip Marshmallows in melted blue candy melts and sprinkles 

Dipped Snowman Pretzels

Blue Jello and Cool Whip Parfaits 

Sweet Snowflake Treats for a #Frozen or Snow Day Party

Blue Punch with Vanilla Ice Cream 
Pretzel Icicles  (pretzels dipped in white chocolate & sprinkles) 

Snowman Treats for a #Frozen party

Snowman Pizzas 
Banana Snowman on a stick 

Snow Day Party Treats

Snowman Pretzels 
Sledding Bears in Vanilla Yogurt 
Hot Chocolate


Make your own snowman bar 
Go outside and build real snowmen 
Pin the nose on Olaf (make out of posterboard) 

Decorate a white craft paper tablecloth 
Have a snowflake cutting contest 

Make a styrofoam snowman
Make princess crowns to be like Anna and Elsa 

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Here are some more Frozen themed party items you may like for your Frozen party. This blog uses affiliate links to items in this post. 

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