Monday, January 13, 2014

#Frozen Olaf Gift Bag

How to make a #Frozen Olaf gift bag

Today I planned on bringing you a different project, but unfortunately my first attempt at it did not work out.  I went to try again this morning, only to find that I  was out of the key ingredient.   I would have gone to the store, but one of my girls came home early not feeling  well, and the other never made it to school.  I then thought I would go to Plan B, and make another one of my planned projects.  I did not have the chance to make that project because we had a bit of mouse trouble which will soon be posted on Surviving the Crazy Life.   So once things settled down, and I had a chance to breathe, I went to Plan C, which is to share my Olaf Gift Bag.  It is not difficult to make, and would be a lot of fun to use for the goody bags at a Frozen Party. 

I started with a dark blue bag that I bought at the dollar store. (it came in a pack of 2)  I also pulled out some white, black and orange cardstock.  Not pictures a small piece of brown cardstock, and google eyes.  

This part is totally optional. Add a piece of white cardstock the same width of the bag at the bottom for a snowy background.  I had not glued this piece down yet, so it is not quite in place.  

How to make an Olaf gift bag

I cut the pieces of Olaf's body out of the white cardstock. I then put him together before gluing him down, so I could make sure I liked how he looked. 

Olaf's head has an unusual shape.  The top of his head is thinner than the bottom two thirds. Because he has such a big smile, this snowman has cheekbones! Mine are not symmetrical, but that is okay.   The bottom of this his head is actually his neck. I round it off slightly, so it would fit nicely against his middle.  The middle and the bottom pieces are half squares, half circles. His feet flat on the bottom and rounded on the top, and look a little bit like mini marshmallows. 

How to make a #Frozen Olaf the Snowman

I could have used paper circles  for his eyes, but I felt google eyes would work well, and they would be much quicker glue on.  I cut the carrot nose out of the orange, the inside of his mouth in black, and of course his giant tooth in more of the white.  

How to make a #fFrozen Olaf gift bag

Now all that is left is the details.  I outlined the google eyes with a blue colored pencil.  I drew on his buttons, eyebrows and corners of his smile with black marker.  I used a scrap piece of brown cardstock to make his branch arms and tuft of hair. 

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  1. I must say that this is super cute!! I really like this bag :)
    and I wish your daughters well!!

  2. Thanks Winnie! They are both already feeling better.

  3. Just my daughter's favorite! This is easy to make as well. Fun, fun!

    Hopping by and following.

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  4. This little bag is too cute. I have not been to see this movie yet, but I really want to see it. I love the snowman!

    1. You should see it Cynthia.. It is such a good movie!

  5. Adorable. Olaf was such a cute character in Frozen. Nice project!!

  6. That is too cute! What a fun project.

  7. So cute! I'm not sure why I've never thought of adding some decor to my plain gift bags that I pick up, thanks for the idea!

  8. My daughter recognized Olaf right away! She just saw Frozen over the weekend. I on the other hand did not have a clue:)

  9. Awe, he is so cute! My daughter and I both loved Frozen! I will pin this and try to recreate it for a surprise gift for her!

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  11. It looks like my comments are glitching again. I am trying to respond to everyone but my comments only sometimes stay in the reply box..

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    I hope to see you at the next Tuesday Confessional link party. :)


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