Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peppermint Krispies

This week we wanted to try something a big different than plain Rice Krispie treats, and it started with the bag of marshmallows we found on a recent trip to the store.  

I think it was Kara who spotted them first., this giant bag of  JUMBO PeppermintMallows.  We just had to get them, because I immediately thought of several things to make from them.  

I followed the recipe for making regular Rice Krispie treats, but instead of using mini marshmallows, I substituted pieces of the PeppermintMallows. 

There was one big difference that was immediately noticeable while making these treats, the PeppermintMallows turned the cereal PINK!  I spread the cereal mixture in the pan, and sprinkled on pieces of candy cane on top.  

When they had cooled and cut into bars, we had peppermint flavored Rice Krispie treats. Not only are these a great treat for Christmas, but they would also be good for Valentines Day. Instead of using candy canes, I can see adding red hots or red M&Ms.  

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