Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Heart Ornament

Santa painted on a wooden heart

I know today's ornament is going up a bit late.  I had another one of those I wish my life was a little less crazy days.   I got up when the alarm went off, and woke up my son.  He said his leg hurt a bit, and so did his foot.  I told him to go ahead and get dressed, and come downstairs.  I go downstairs, and  find my youngest child being sick in the bathroom.  When she comes out,  she apologizes that the first time she got sick, it happened so fast that she didn't make it to the bathroom.  I look over to see a pile of paper towels covering up something near the couch. About this time my son came downstairs.  He mentioned his foot again. On and off he has been saying something about his foot, but then making it sound like no big deal when I asked more questions. He also did not bother to show  me his toe in a very long time.  Well today, he did.  When I saw it, I told him he was going to see the Dr. today.    When we saw the pediatrician  this afternoon, the Dr,  took one look at it, and said that he is sending us to the podiatrist. It seems my son has an infected toenail that is bad enough that the pediatrician  said it is out of his expertise. Now I know that when my son says something is not a big deal, I need to look at the not a big deal.  It seems this could be a very big deal.   We will find out more when we see the podiatrist in a few days.  At least my oldest was feeling 100% healthy today.   

We started decorating the tree tonight, and I found one of the Santa ornaments that we used to sell when we had a craft business back in the day. I love these ornaments, and they were a great seller at craft shows.  It is painted using the same technique that I used on my Santa Gift Box The only difference is I painted a little more of the hat, and added a pom. I also added a little bit of black to his mouth. Santa ornaments can be easily made with pre-cut wooden hearts  that can be found at your local craft store.  

I found some craft items mixed with the ornaments tonight. I am excited about the ornament I plan to share tomorrow.  

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