Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dare to Share #88

It's Friday night, so you know what that means.. 
It is time for Dare to Share!  

How was your week?  

I had to switch gears from Thanksgiving to Christmas this week. Having Thanksgiving so late this year, makes what time we have until Christmas seem very rushed.  Does anyone else feel that way?    On Monday my Painted Santa Gift Box was my entry in the Sharing is Caring Christmas Blog Hop.  You can see my Santa box, and the sixteen other blogs that joined in hop on this post here.

Monday of this week was Cyber Monday. There were some great deals to be found all over the internet. There are still deals to be had, and I have been posting them on my Deals and Coupons page as I hear about them.   Currently Picaboo is having great deals on their photo cards, photobooks, and calendars.  How does 50% off your holiday cards, and buy one get one free photobooks, and buy one get one free calendars all with FREE shipping sound?  Better act fast though, the deal ends on Monday Dec 9.  You can read more about the deals and get the coupon codes on my Deals and Coupons page. 

From now until Christmas I will be sharing a new ornament almost every day.  I am shooting for everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way. (more on that in a bit) Here are the ornaments I shared this week. 

Starting next week I will by theming things up again.  I have several projects and ornaments for each them...  Starting Monday..   A Woodland Themed Christmas! 

I have another project in the works, that I hope to be sharing soon.   You know how (a little too frequently) I have stories to share about how crazy my life with my kids can be..  This week is no exception, and part of the reason for my decision to start a second blog where I can write about all the insanity that seems to happen at our house almost daily.   That way there will be a place where I can share things like how my son had an infected toe nail for 3 months, but because he didn't show it to me, and acted like it was no big deal, I had no idea that it was a really big deal.   The pediatrician took one look at it on Tuesday, and immediately said he was referring us to the podiatrist because it was out of his expertise.  Today was our trip to the podiatrist to have a procedure on his toe  Or how one someone in my family  woke up in the middle of the night very suddenly with a possible case of food poisoning a a few days ago. . So suddenly that they left me a lovely present on the floor when they did not have time to make it to the bathroom.  This was happening at the same time as I was being shown the infected toe.  We also had to take one of the hamsters to the vet, because she has developed a tumor.  You can see our sweet girl in the Instagram  feed in the sidebar.  I am still trying to come up with the title of the blog, but it will have something to do with me trying to stay sane raising three teenagers, and a house full of animals. 

There was still time to feature a few of your posts..  Here they are again, if you missed them the first time. 

Paint Swatch Advent Calendar by Nesting and Naps

Extra Special Wrap by Williamette Valley Wonder Woman

Glitter Trees by Robyn's View

Now it is time for this week's party.  I don't have many rules, you can pretty much link up anything that you want to share.   I don't require that you become a follower to link, but I would sure love it if you did.  If you are chosen as a Dare to Share Feature of the Day you post  will be featured on the blog, BlogLovin, FacebookTwitterPinterest and G+.   Please consider signing up to follow my blog by email, to keep up with all the features, projects and other posts.   

Link up and HAVE FUN! 

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