Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can't Miss Back to School Deals

You may be wondering why I have been on the quiet side the last few days.  I have been busy getting my three kids ready for school.  This week we are having back to school registration days, girl scout planning meetings, appointments, and last minute shopping to do.  I believe my kids are pretty much ready now.  I have been buying on sale, and stocking up on basic supplies all summer.  The best way to shop for school supplies is to watch the sales flyers, and buy the items at their best price.  I have come across some can't miss back to school deals this week, so I thought I would share them in a blog post.  

Sorry about the glare in this picture. It was from the light over our kitchen table.  Staples has been one of my go to stores for supplies this summer. Each week they have offered 3-5 loss leaders at rock bottom prices.  We are always in need of scissors.  We have at least 5 or 6 pairs, but I swear they have legs because they are constantly wandering off.  This week's deal of 7" all purpose scissors at only .50 each was a can't miss.  They are normally $5.00 each. There is a limit of 2 per day.   I also picked up a couple packs of Paper Mate magic rub erasers. They are also only .50 this week. with a limit of two. They are normally $3.00 each.  Composition books are normally $1 each.  This week you can get 3 at only.10 each. The only catch with the .10 books is you need to spend $5. We spent it on a couple of items we needed, a pencil sharpener, and rubber bands.   It is well worth though, because of the coupon you get at checkout.  

At every transaction that I have made the last couple of weeks, I have received a $10 off $30 coupon for Kohls. What makes this coupon even better is it can be used
TOGETHER with other  Kohls special deals and coupons. I will share more about that in a minute.  

When we were out tonight, we also stopped at Rite Aid. They have a coupon in the ad that can be used on select back to school items that are on sale for .50.  Items such as 8 Ct Crayola Crayons, 12 oz boxes of chalk, Avery Big Tabs,  Mead Comp Books, Paper Portfolios, highlighters and more.  The in ad coupon is $1 off of 2, making them free with a Rite Aid Wellness Card.  We chose two more composition books as our free items.  With your Wellness Card, you can also pick up small bottles of Wet and Wild nail polish for only .69.   There were a couple more deals I was hoping to get, but they were sold out. 

On Monday night we made a stop at JCPennys.  There has been several $10 off of  $25 coupons in the ads the last couple of weeks. We had one in this past weekend's ad  that was expiring on Monday. (keep an eye out in case there are more coupons in the upcoming weekend)  In the junior section, I found camis, and tanks on clearance for only $2.99 each. (regular price $8)  Kara found a couple more shirts she liked on clearance.  The butterfly T-shirt was only $4, (regular price $10) and the striped double shirt was $8.99. (regular price $18)  Since we had the coupon, we got all  7 shirts for only $19.02.  The price per cami/tank was only $1.92 each after coupon, which is a great stock up price.   

We then went over to Kohls.  Kara is at that in between age where it can be hard to find clothes.  She is too small for juniors, but too old for some of the styles in the girls section.  She does enjoy Kohls, because they usually have a good selection of styles that are appropriate for older tweens.   We did spend a bit more at Kohls, but overall still had excellent savings.   Kara picked out a sweater, a T- shirt with vest attached, a ruffled shirt that will be pretty for picture day, 2 Tee shirts on clearance, a sweatshirt, something she won't let me mention or take a picture of, and a dress.   We got a great deal on the dress. It was originally $58. It was on clearance for 80% off for only $11.60. After coupons, we got it for only $9!  It even worked out that it was a size bigger than she normally wears so she should be able to wear it for quite awhile.    Kyle got 2 Helix T-Shirts, a Tony Hawk T-Shirt, and a Tek Gear Shirt.  I picked up for myself the orange T-shirt and the $5 Kids Treats book. All together the subtotal was $163.93 before coupons. Not too bad for 14 clothing items.  We saved $10 with one of the Staples coupons, and then another $22.34 with a 15% Kohls coupon. The final price was $139.49, with a savings of $193.41. 

My Savings by the Number 
Staples         $16.70    
Rite Aid        $2.60
JCPenny's    $48.98 
Kohls             $193.41

Not to bad for just a couple of hours of shopping! 

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