Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Few Questions For My Readers

I am sorry to be away from the blog the last couple of days. The last 2 days have been very hectic.  If our school year is as busy as the two weeks leading up to it, we are going to be in trouble. There has been something going on pretty much every single day since mid August.   Our big news from yesterday is Kara is wearing a  new accessory. She is not very happy about it, especially because she also had to get an expander as well as the  braces.  She has been in a lot of pain, and having a lot of trouble eating and talking.  She is already counting the days until the expander can come out.  The before and after pictures were taken on the same day, just in different lighting.  She did not change her hair color. 

This week I have had to do a lot of waiting for  the kids at their different places they had to be.   While doing so, I have been thinking of some fun new things that I would like to do on the blog in the upcoming months.   What I need from my readers  are some ideas..  

Since I don't have any parties planned for my kids in the next several months, I have been thinking of ways that I can share more of my  party ideas.  I am excited about what I have planned starting in September.  Each week I will share a new party theme.  Then each day of the week, I will share an  idea that could be easily reproduced for the week's theme.   For example Monday might be a craft, Tuesday a treat, Wednesday a game and so on.   I have a few theme ideas, but I would really love to know are there any themes that you would really love  to see???  

Another thing that I have been thinking about for awhile is writing an Ebook.  I have a few ideas there too, but not sure which direction to go.  I am wondering what kind of book people would love to see.  I know a lot about saving money by looking for deals, and using coupons.  I also know a lot about planning a party on a budget.    What types of Ebooks do you like to read?  What types of Ebooks do you find the most useful?   What do you think makes a great Ebook?  

I can't wait to hear from you..


  1. Beach theme, graduation (my baby's graduating this spring), hockey, sports team. Can't wait to see all the parties!

  2. I am looking for ideas for my grandfathers 90th birthday in June.
    we have had him, Mexican theme(Several different ways), Dodgers theme, Lakers theme. As you can tell we are a Mexican family from Los Angeles LOL
    I'd love to hear your ideas. Thank you

  3. An ebook about party planning on a budget, or last minute party planning (that's always me) would be great! -Monika


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