Thursday, June 14, 2012

Save Some Money and Save a Life

I was recently contacted by Campus Book Rentals, who shared with me about their company and their involvement in Operation Smile.  I was pretty impressed with BOTH organizations, so I happily agreed to write a post for them.

I know school has just ended for most of our children  Before we know it though, it will back to school and college.

Instead of buying expensive college textbooks from the campus bookstores, there is another option... renting your textbooks.    There are many reasons why  you should rent from Campus Book Rentals , instead of buying books each semester.
  • renting will save 40-90% off bookstore prices 
  • there are no shipping costs
  • you can still highlight and take notes in the rental  books 
  • very flexible rental periods for courses of all lengths
  • 30 day risk free return policy 
  • live customer support 
Campus Book Rentals  was started by a college student, who wanted to find a better way to get his textbooks.  Since the company started, they  have rented out over 1 million books to over 55 campuses.  

You can see an example of of their great rental prices here.  A Statistics book with a list price of $174, can be rented from Campus Book Rentals for only $27.31 for the entire semester!  That is a 84% savings! You also  do not have to worry about storing a book that you will most likely never use again.

With every rental of a book from Campus Book Rentals, a donation is made to Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a fantastic organization that helps out children worldwide with life saving surgery on their cleft lips and palates.  They have been in operation since 1982, and many dedicated volunteers give their time to change thousands of childrens' lives. So why not save some money, and also save a life.

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