Saturday, June 18, 2011


Here is Kara at the end of the recital posing with her dance teacher.  She was in 2 songs at the middle and end of the first act.  When then stayed to watch the end of the show.   Everyone did a great job and it was fun to watch.   She loves to dance and definitely wants to dance again next year. 

I did open the garage sale for a few hours this morning. It was pretty slow while I was open,  and I only made a few dollars before I had to close.  As I was leaving the sub to go to the recital, I saw several cars at another sale. Had it not been recital day, it could have been a pretty successful sale day because traffic really picked up in the afternoon.  Spending time watching my daughter dance was more important than making a few dollars though.   The yard stakes in the picture were big sellers at my sale.   Many years ago, my husband and I had a craft business (2 kids ago). We started in craft shows pre kids and tried to keep up with it after our first child was born.  Once children 2 and 3 came along, it just was too hard to stay with it.    I recently came across a box of our garden stakes in the garage  that were huge sellers back in the day.  I did sell them at a big discount of $1 each (they were $4 during show days).   The only totally ridiculous offer I got this weekend was also for the yard stakes.   A woman wanted to buy the entire box (18 of them at the time!) for $1 total.  Um NO! It cost more than $1 in wood and time to make each one and no way did I just want to just  give them away.   After I turned down her offer, I sold 11 more of them.   I believe I sold 20 of them in all in 2 days. I am posting the picture because this could be a fun summer craft if anyone likes to do wood working/painting.  We had in addition to the strawberries, many other fruits and vegetables.  After doing a search I found that not only is the company where we bought the pattern from still in business, they still have this pattern kit available here.

I also wanted to share our most unusal guest at the garage sale.  We have sandpiper cranes that live nearby and often walk through my neighborhood.  I had to laugh when a surprised shopper told me he saw a lawn ornament come to life.    That "lawn ornament" than walked right by the garage about 20 feet away. I guess he was checking it out to see if there was anything he needed before flying away. 

Beading to Beat Autism UPDATE! We sold 23 bracelets at the sale this weekend.   That brings the total to 47 in about a week!  $141 so far to help our cause. 

Now that I survived my insane week,   I will have time to post about all things party once again.  I have many fun things in mind for Kara's Beach Bash Birthday that I can't wait to share.  Party countdown, 2 weeks from today!

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