Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid Week Update

I promise to get back to party planning soon!  I have so many ideas for our party in a few weeks but just need to get through the next few days first.. 

Last night was my youngest daughters recital banquet.  Our recital actually in a few days but we have an awards dinner on a different night.   She got a perfect attendance ribbon this year.. Yea!    She also got her 7 year trophy.  My almost 10 yr old daughter started in dance as a 2 yr old.  We did not do the recital the first year because she was not ready.  She was the next year.  This year is her 7th dance recital.  Had her older sister stayed in dance once she got to middle school, it would have been her 10th..   Even my son did tap and hip hop for a few years.  10 years straight of  taking my kids to dance lessons.. Wow, where did the time go.

In other news we are in the final countdown for garage sale prep for the neighborhood sale that starts tomorrow.  A good friend was supposed to be here this morning to help,  but got called into work for a half day.  She will be here this afternoon.   There is A LOT still  to do.  I got the basics set up, but now need to organize, organize, organize.   There is also going to be a chance of rain..  I really hope there will not be, but just in case my friends is bringing a tent to keep things that will have to be outdoors covered. I will be living in my garage today.

Beading to Beat Autism update.. We have already sold 24 bracelets in just a couple of days.  We brought them to the banquet last night and sold several.  My daughter is setting up a table in the sale and we will hopefully see a lot more.

I was going to try and download a video I took last night from my new phone, but I really do not have time to do so at the moment.  I really need to get started on the garage.. More later!   

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