Saturday, June 4, 2011

And Then It Hit Me..

We had 23 acts of talented 4th graders singing, dancing and doing comedy.   Because I had helped the music teacher several times this year with  her sound system,  I was asked to be in charge of the music player again.   I had the perfect view right on the side of the stage.     When the show was over, I quickly ran to the back of the gym to try and get a group shot.     My daughter and one of her best friends sang the song, Who Says, by Selena Gomez.

It was when I came up to hug my daughter and her friends to tell them how proud of them I was, I started to cry.  It was then that it really hit me.. it was our last day and we were done with the elementary school that has been part of our lives for 8 years. A good friend, who was my son's parapro in 1st and 2nd saw me at that time, and asked me if I was okay.   I assured her I was, it was just at that moment, I was a bit overwhelmed.   After a few minutes, I was okay again, and it was time to enjoy the last 45 mins of school. 

This year they did something at the very end of the day that they had not done before.  All the younger students and teachers lined the hallways and clapped for the 4th graders as they walked down the hallways for the last time.  Of course, Kara was the very last 4th grader in line..  LOL!!

Even though I was at the school, Kara said she wanted to ride the bus home with her friends.  Her older brother who transfers buses at her school, not so much.  I drive him home, and then we waited for Kara at the bus stop.   Here my brand new 5th grader is getting of the bus..  (sniff!)

A good friend of mine has a house on a lake. She invited us over for an impromtu end of the school year  cookout.  We ate  lunch of grilled hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans, and watermelon. Yum!!      

After lunch the kids took the rowboat out for a short boat ride and some fishing..   Let the summer begin!

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