Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meijer Deals this Week

I spent a little more on my groceries this week than I normally do for a couple of reasons.  I had not been to the grocery store since May 28, other than two very small trips to Kroger.  Also the kids are now out of school, they tend to eat more since they are home all day.     I spent $60.48 on this trip to Meijer..

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Most 2 liters of pop, are on sale $1 each. 
4 boxes of Pizza Rolls on sale $1 each, had two .40 off 2 coupons that doubled, .60 each. (2 already gone)
Freschetta Pizza on sale $4.99.  I used $1 coupon, final price $3.99 (had for dinner tonight)
3 boxes of Eggos on sale $2 each.   Used $1 off 3 Meijer Mealbox coupon, final price $1.67 each. 
2 Sunny Ds on sale $1 each.  Used two .25 coupons that doubled, final price .50 each
2 Log Cabin syrup on sale $2.50.  I used $1 off 2 Meijer Mealbox coupon, final price $2 each 
Smart Balance Oil on price drop $2.49.  I used .75 coupon, final price $1.74.
5 Stouffers on sale $2 each.  Got back two FREE coupons for Stouffers Farmer Harvest
Meijer Parm on sale $2.79
Lloyds BBQ tub on sale $4.  I used .75 coupon, final price $3.25
Babybel Cheese and Laughing Cow.. we both supposed to be on sale for $3.  One rang up full price but I missed it.. I used $1 off 2 coupon, final price $3.09 each  (should have been $2.50 each)
Nesquick Chocolate Milk on sale $1.25.  I used .50 coupon that doubled, final price .25
Bag of spinach on sale $1
Dole salad on sale $1
Baby  carrots on sale $1
Mushrooms on sale $1
Philly Cream Cheese on sale $1.50
Pretzel rings on sale $1
Bread on sale $1
Hamburger buns on sale $1
3 lbs of Georgia peaches on sale $2.49
Cantaloupe on sale $1.50
Cardona Salami on sale $1
Cardona Pepperoni on sale $1
2 Bacon Bits on sale $1  (got one FREE, because it was 11th item FREE)

I only saved $10.12 in coupons, $24.46 in sales for on overall total of $38.58.     Not my best trip ever, but did get several things I needed.

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