Tuesday, December 19, 2023

My favorite easy Christmas reindeer recipes

We are currently watching the Reindeer Games on Big Brother.  That show made me think that I have several reindeer recipes on the blog from over the years that would be be fun to revisit. 

One of my favorite reindeer recipes is from when my son made these Reindeer on Rye Sandwiches for his cooking series Cooking with Kyle. 

Another fun recipe was our Magic Reindeer Corn. It is so yummy for humans, or if you sprinkle some in the front yard so the reindeer stop by with Santa. 

These marshmallow reindeer pops really came in handy one night when I found out the night before my daughter needed them, that she needed 35 treats for her classmates the next day.  They were easy to make and the kids loved them. 

These Reeses Cup Reindeer are quick and easy to make, and quite the favorite at a holiday party.

While this is not an actual reindeer recipe, it is one of our favorite fudges to make every year. Here is our recipe for Rocky Road Fudge.  It is mix of chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch, and marshmallow.. :) 

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