Monday, December 12, 2022

Countdown to Christmas - Christmas Treat Jars


As you know I moved recently.  I had been living in an apartment so I had several boxes in storage that I had not seen in awhile.  One positive side of moving is that you find things you forgot you had because you have not seen them in awhile.  

One of those things are these fun Christmas treat jars that I made.  They are an easy DIY, and can be used for many things.  

They can fill these with treats and give as gifts.  Add a battery powered tea light, and use as decor.  Another option is to use them in the kitchen or at a party and an utensil holder.  

I found these jars at Michaels a few years ago.  I am not sure if the glass version is still available, but I did find a plastic green version, and also a red version on their website online.

I had my elf Buddy pose with the elf jar. It would be a fun gift from your elf filled with treats to be eaten while watching Elf.  

I made the Santa jar, but adding a notched felt collar.  The belt is made with a strip of faux leather and two rhinestones. 

Mrs. Claus's felt collar is more rounded, and she has two white buttons. 

The elf jar has a yellow felt collar, and two yellow buttons.  

How would you use these jars? Let me know in the comments.  

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Do you have more than on elf? For several years, we only had Buddy. Then one day I found some cute elves on sale, and Joy joined our family.  I am seriously thinking of adding an elf baby or two.  It would be a lot of fun having the entire elf family involved in their Christmas fun.  I found these Elf baby twins that are currently on sale for under $10.  If you have been thinking of adding to your elf family, go check them out   

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