Thursday, December 1, 2022

Countdown to Christmas - Easy Chocolate Banana Pie

 I heard on the news that today is National Pie Day.  Since it is a special day to celebrate pies, I thought I would share one that would work well for your upcoming holiday celebrations. 

This chocolate banana cream pie is easy to put together, and great to serve to guests. I love the blending of the chocolate and banana taste in this pie.  While I have not tried to do so yet, I'm thinking about  also trying to make it with other flavors. If I do, I will definitely be posting it. 

You will need 

Graham Cracker Crust 
1-2 bananas
small box of chocolate pudding 
small box of banana pudding 
1 3/4 cups of milk 
1 cup of sour cream 
chocolate chips (optional) 
Whipped topping 

Slice the bananas, and lay them on the bottom of the pie crust. 

In a mixing bowl, add both boxes of pudding, the milk, and the sour cream. 

Mix the ingredients well. I used a whisk to mix it. It turns into a yummy chocolate mousse. 

We wanted to up the chocolate factor in this pie, so I also added chocolate chips.  I did not measure the chips, I just poured in a good amount.  I think it was about a half of bag. 

Once it is fully mixed, add the mousse to pie crust, covering the bananas.

Cover the pie with the whipped topping and place in the fridge to chill for about an hour.  

After an hour it is  ready to eat. (if you can wait that long LOL!)  I told you it was easy to make, and it is  definitely delicious.  

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Since this pie is perfect for taking to parties, you might need a good way to transport it.  I looked online to see what is out there,  and a few items caught my eye  

This Sweet Creations 10 inch pie carrier looks pretty sturdy, has a nice handle and is highly rated.

Another idea if you would like to bake several pies and give them out as gifts are these  disposable bakery boxes.  You could also use the to give cookies, and other treats. 

They also have this multipack of plastic containers with hinged lids

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