Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Easy Ornament DIYS

Recently I had a large Facebook page share my snow owl ornaments on their page.  This happened a few years ago as well, and that time it went viral. It was quite exciting to see something I made on the front page of yahoo and a few other sites. I would see my post several times in my feed as it was been shared by people who didn't even realize it was mine.   Having my ornament being shared again got me thinking.  I have a several ornament DIYs I have shared over the years that many of you might not have seen, or if you had its been quite awhile ago.   

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Along with the snow theme, I made a few easy snow themed ornaments. 

In my post snow ornaments  I shared three different snow themed ornaments.

I found the clear ornament balls on clearance several years ago. I'm not sure how much they are currently in stores. Dollar Tree does have some this year if you can find them.  If you are not able to find any in the stores, currently has the available online in small quantities. 

If you like to paint I also have a painted Christmas Tree ornament tutorial. 

I used to the same painting technique to make both the Santa heart ornament and the Santa gift box.  They used to be big sellers back in my craft show days. 

One night after my daughter went to bed, she remembered she had to bring in something for a class gift exchange the next morning.   What they brought could be handmade so we went to work right away and at the last minute made these handmade ornaments.  She got a fun pickle ornament in return which we still put up on our Christmas tree each year.  

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