Sunday, November 21, 2021

Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Props

Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf?  We do, we have two, but they are currently enjoying retirement.  We did have a few fun years of their antics, but they kids are all grown up now.  

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There are a couple of reasons why I am writing this post though, I know many people still have young active elves visiting their homes.  Also if you have followed my blog for awhile you know I have a love for all things Dollar Tree.  This year I found so many great prop ideas, I knew I would have to share them for the mom struggling to come up with ideas. 

If you follow me on Instagram, I post my Dollar Tree finds, and craft ideas. This week I shared a post of items that I found that would be perfect for Elf on the Shelf.  I saw so many I could not share everything in one post but here is what I have so far.   

First up... Furniture and home props 

In the toy aisle you can find all kinds of elf size items such as a bed, arm chair, dust buster and even a toilet.  Behind the bed you can also see they have a variety of kitchen accessories as well.  

They have added electric guitars recently, which are just the right size for the Elf to play (see picture of Buddy playing to Joy above)   The dirt bike is also the perfect size for the Elf to ride around the house.  While the phone may be a bit big as a phone, it could be a good size for an Elf Tablet. 

Being from the midwest, my favorite game is of course, the elf size cornhole. Your elf could challenge all his toy friends to a game.  The Uno cards are travel size pack and smaller than normal cards.  I think the fishing pole comes in different colors but it is good size for elves to hold.   If your elf likes sports, there are several different small size sports items like the goal post, pool table, and ping pong paddles.  

Here are a few more ideas that our elf has done in the past. You can sometimes find these small easels in the Crafter Square aisle.  One day we found him drawing a picture of our Christmas Tree. 

Buddy and Joy enjoying nature using their handmade binoculars made out of pipe cleaners. 

Their elf size sleds were found at the Dollar Tree, which made for a fun day of sledding. 

They enjoyed decorating for Christmas on their elf size Dollar Tree Christmas Tree. 

Their camping gear was also from the Dollar Tree.  I believe the elf size skillet and lantern are still available.  

If you would like even more Elf on the Shelf inspiration check out these past posts. 



  1. Did you hear the news that Dollar Tree is raising all prices to $1.25? They said some stores have been that way for months, and no one has said anything. I don't think our Dollar Tree stores in DFW have raised their prices yet, but still a bargain there! (P.S. I'm so old that I remember when Motel 6 still charged $6 for rooms! lol)

    1. Yes I did hear that. Several of my friends made sure to tell me. While it is kind of a bummer, I do understand why they feel they need to. For a lot of their items, $1.25 is still a good deal.


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