Thursday, January 21, 2021

How to make a tiered tray

 If you follow trends at all, you know the tiered tray is the current rage in decorating.  Today it hit me that I actually shared a tutorial on how to make one 10 years ago.   Back then though, I called my tiered tray a cupcake stand. If  you would like to have your own tiered tray without the high price, I am going to show you how to make for just a few dollars using products from my favorite store. It will not be a surprise to you if you are a regular reader, but that store is the Dollar Tree.😀  

To make a tiered tray all you need is 3 trays (plates, cake pans, etc..) two candlesticks or something similar, and some gorilla glue.  What is really cool about this project is you can really use just about anything that you would like that matches your decor to make your tiered tray.  I used silver trays and bronzish candlesticks in my original tray.  I am not sure where that tray is now, I think in storage, but I know it is still in one piece.  I am currently thinking of making another more colorful tray for an updated look.  

Putting together the tiered tray is actually pretty easy.  Start with the bottom tier. Outline the bottom of your candlestick with gorilla glue and center it in the middle of the tray. Let it sit for a few minute so the gorilla glue sets.  Outline the top of the candlestick with the glue and center the second tray on top. After the glue sets again for a few minutes, repeat with the next tray.  It is that easy. It cost me only $6 to make this which included the glue.    I filled this tiered tray with cupcakes for a friends big birthday.  Since it has been a decade, it is almost time for me to give her another big birthday surprise (that is if it is safe in a few months)  

What would you put on your tiered tray.  

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