Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Simple Pizza Bite Appetizers

While making pizza is not a new thing, I am going to share a quick and easy trick we use when make pizza bread that can be used when you need food quickly for a crowd of easy weeknight dinner. Instead of taking the time to roll a crust, there is something much easier.. garlic bread or Texas toast.  What I like about using garlic bread as a pizza crust is that it is already preseasoned with garlic and very often cheese. 

Add a little sauce, pepperoni, and cheese, and in literally a few minutes,  yummy pizza bread.  If serving to a crowd set up an ingredient station for each person to customize their own.  

I got a little impatient with this batch.  I should have waited a couple of minutes for the oven to preheat.  Instead of threw it in a cold oven, so the cheese was almost melted but not 100%. It still tasted great though.   Cut into bit size pieces for a super simple appetizer.   

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