Monday, February 22, 2016

Candy Race Cars

This weekend we went to the dollar store and picked up a lot of random candy. One of the things that i really enjoyed in the movie Wreck it Ralph was the race cars made from candy and treats  If you are having a Candy themed party like Wreck it Ralph, a great activity  would  for the kids to make their own race cars.   I also realized that NASCAR just started back up this past weekend as well.  While I am not a fan or racing,  it wold be fun to make Candy Race Cars for a race viewing party  

Any long cake like treat would work as a race car body.  We bought Swiss Rolls and Strawberry Shortcake Rolls.  Twinkies would be good, and so would some types of donuts.   

Using a small knife and car "glue" my daughter an I started to put our race cars together.  You can use several different things for glue, icing, melted chocolate, ore even peanut butter.  You can also make your cars a lot more colorful.  Since we were only making a couple of cars for this post, I did not think to get a a container of frosting. 

We will be moving again soon! I can not wait!  Where we live now has NO light, very few windows and very little space. I have to take pictures on my dryer. I hope you bear with me with the horrible lighting on my pictures. I could also really use a better camera.  I am not sure where my old one is, and I have been taking pictures on my cell phone.

Hopefully you can see how I made the Strawberry Shortcake Race Car.  I used bite size Vanilla wafers for tires, half of a sugar wafer for a spoiler, sliced gum drops for the headlights and steering wheel, and a peppermint for the spare tire.  This car would be a good one to add colored frosting or sprinkles for a lot more color. 

While the Swiss Cake worked for a race car, it was a little more fragile to work with. I used peppermints for the tires, a peach ring for the spoiler, sour cherries for the headlights, and a sliced gum drop for the steering wheel. 

Race Cars made from candy for Candy Party themes

These cars are just an example of how you can make Candy Race Cars. Pick your favorite candies and have fun with it. 

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