Monday, February 8, 2016

Make Your Own Candy Themed Decorations

Today I am going to share with you how easy and inexpensive it can be to make candy decor for a candy themed party.  I picked up these items at the dollar store. neon straws, colorful balloons, a 2 pack of styrofoam circles, bright colored wrapping paper, and cellophane.  I already had the tissue paper on hand, but they have a large assortment of that as well. 

Instead of painting the styrofoam, the easiest way to make large lollipops is by wrapping them.  I found it easier to work with the tissue paper than the colored wrapping paper, but I like the thickness of the paper.  Wrap the circles as tightly as you can. All of the tape is on the backside of the circle. 

I used a toothpick to form a small hole big enough to fit in one of the straws.  Depending on were you want to use the lollipops you can also use skewers or thin dowel rods.  

To make hard candy, wrap cardboard tubes with bright colored paper. I had the candy cane striped one leftover from Christmas. 

Wrap the candy in cellophane and ribbon.  You could use plastic wrap if desired, but I think the cellophane is easier to work with.   The orange piece of candy is wrapped in cellophane as well, I just taped down the sides for a different look. 

A balloon lollipop centerpiece is a fun touch. I made a simple version with balloons, ribbon and colorful pipe cleaners. Additional embellishments like tall sprays that look like candy can be added to really make it stand out. 

I made these felt M & Ms a few years back for our Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. party.  they can be used as decor or for party games which will be shared in a later post. 

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