Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Skyrim Sweet Rolls and More Video Game Party Ideas

Easy way to make Skyrim Sweet Rolls

So far I have shared our Portal Cake, and Pokeball Rice Krispie Treats, today I will be sharing more about our Skyrim Sweet Rolls and Minecraft Marshmallows.  

I honestly do not really know much about Skyrim other than it is a role playing adventure game set in a fictional land with feuding groups and dragon slaying.  A popular treat found in several locations in  the game is a special sweet roll.  Once again there is an "official" recipe that has  a lot of ingredients to make it from scratch that can be found online.   While I am sure that the recipe is very good, I knew there was a faster way to make sweet rolls that I knew my son would love.  

I bought a mini bundt pan at JoAnns with a 50% off coupon, so the price was very reasonable.  I also know I will use it again.  A mini bundt pan is perfect to make these rolls because they rolls in the game have a hole in the middle.  Instead of making my own dough,  I opened a tube of cinnamon rolls. Each pre-cut roll fit perfectly inside one of the mini bundt cups.  I baked the rolls for the amount of time on the tube. In hindsight, I wish I would have baked them a few minutes less, because they came out a little more done than I would have liked.  It did not matter though because they still tasted good, and Kyle loved them.  

I thought about using the icing the came in the tube, but I did not think it was going to be enough. I decided to make my own with some powdered sugar and a little bit of milk. The sweet rolls in the game have a thick white covering of icing.  My icing did look white but it was a little thin, causing it to drip off of the rolls. You can see in the picture how it puddled a bit the rolls.   Again, Kyle did not see this as a problem.  Within 24 hours all of the rolls were gone, and I know he had at least half of them.   

Tomorrow I will be sharing more about our Minecraft Marshmallows  

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Thinking about having your own video game party?  Here are a few fun things I found that you might be interested in. 

These candy tins would be fun for almost any video game themed party. 

Make your own video game chocolate with this affordable themed mold 

Is anyone else addicted to this game?  I can't stop playing it.. This would be a fun theme for a party..  Hmmm..  Maybe I can talk my daughter into this theme for her summer party.  

My son wants one of these.  I think I know what I will put in his stocking next year! 


  1. Awesome and I LOVE the gamer molds I have popped them in my amazon cart and will be buying them as soon as hubby's pay hits the account later today LOL

  2. Thanks Mel! I agree, I thought they were really cool too. I might have to get them to use for my son next year.. I am sure he will still really be into video games.

  3. Love the gamer mold! My son would love that :)

    1. My son will really like them too. I plan on getting him some for next time.

  4. Those are fantastic and how clever to use the cinnamon rolls! Even though he doesn't play Skyrim, y 9 year old would love these at a gaming party.

    1. Thanks Laura! I don't know that much about the game, but I do know that it not for younger kids. It is actually belongs to his dad, and he only sometimes plays it when dad is around. My son is in high school. He actually plays Portal, Minecraft and Pokemon a lot more. :)

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