Friday, May 2, 2014

Dare to Share #109

I don't know why but this week seemed a little bit longer than normal.  It could be that it was raining pretty much every day. It could also be my super long to do list that seems to get longer as we get closer to the end of school.  Whatever the reason it seemed long,  it IS Friday night and  you what that means.  

It's time to Dare to Share!  
What have you been up to this week? 

I have been up to a lot here.. Last weekend I shared Our Visit to LEGO KidsFest. If you like LEGOs you will want to see some of the really cool things that we saw.  Can you guess how many LEGO bricks are in that massive pile?  

On Wednesday, I shared a review about some new bras that I recently got to try out.  I will tell you this, I don't plan on going back to my regular bras anytime time soon.  You can read more about it on my Coobie Bra review.

Tuesday was Kyle's 15th birthday, but I did not have the chance to share what we did until late Wednesday.  Being a teenage boy, it was kind of difficult to find something he would like.  When he asked for a chocolate cake, I knew exactly what to do.  I made him several video game themed treats, including an easy way to make a  Portal Themed Birthday Cake. He loved it so much he ate half the cake by himself.  

On Thursday I shared the first video game themed treat Pokeball Rice Krispie Treats

Since I was sharing the Pokeball treats, I thought it was a good day to make our Pokemon Party as this week's Throwback Thursday post.   To this day, it is still one of his favorite parties. 
I will be sharing the rest of the video game treats and some Mothers Day ideas in the upcoming week! 

Did you have a chance to see this week's Dare to Share Features of the Day.  First up this week was this adorable Princess Cake by Sprouts House. My girls would have loved this when they were in their princess stage. 

When my oldest was in elementary school, monkeys were all the rage.  She even had a monkey cake one year.   I know she would have loved this Monkey Toast by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Speaking of animals that are all the rage.  Owls are one of the "it" animals now days. Mommiez on a Mission shared these really cute Owl Organizational Clips so you can make things cute while you organize.  

Don't forget, I am now  "sharing" Dare to Share with my friend Kim from Kims Kandy Kreations. When you link up to Dare to Share your post will be seen on both blogs for double the exposure.  A fun post that Kim did this week was How to Make an Adventure Book from the movie Up.  Stop over and get her free map printable.

Now it is time for this week's Dare to Share..  There are not a lot of rules, you can pretty much link up anything that you would like to share.  You are not required to follow me or Kim to link up, but we would sure love it if do.   If you are chosen as a Dare to Share Feature of the Day, your post will be promoted on the blog, FacebookTwitter, PinterestG+ and by email.  Now Link Up and HAVE FUN! 


  1. Thanks for hosting!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Pam, I am with you it seems the more I do the longer the list seems to get - I actually think it is a never ending list... thank you so much for hosting and have a wonderful weekend... Cathy

  3. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for another great party :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. Have a super great weekend Pam! Thanks for hosting :) and know you will never finish the to do list, there are too many exciting and fun things to learn and do every day!!

  5. Thanks for hosting! I shared my super fresh “can’t wait for summer” gazpacho smoothie—a savory swap out for fruity smoothies.


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