Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lego Movie Party Photo Props

Are you ready for some more LEGO Movie Fun?  You can pretend to be your favorite character with LEGO Movie Photo Props.  There are so many fun characters in this movie, that the possible props to choose from are endless.  

LEGO Movie Photo Props

For this tutorial I decided to go with the main characters.  There is Virtuvius's beard,  Emmet's mouth, Bad Cop's Police Shades,  WyldStyle's hair and lips, and President Business's hair.

LEGO Movie Virtuvuis's Beard Photo Prop

Virtuvuis is the head Master Builder who was blinded several years before, when bad guys came to steal the Piece of Resistance.   He has a long white beard with a knot in it.  For this piece I used two pieces of white cardstock.  I used one piece for the main part of the beard to the bottom of the knot.   I added the remaining part of the beard from the second piece of cardstock. 

LEGO Movie Emmet's Mouth Photo Prop

Emmet makes so many funny faces in this movie. One of my favorites is his AHHHHHHH  mouth.  When he is making this face it means he is usually being chased, falling, or in some sort of trouble. All of which happen pretty much through the entire movie.  I drew the mouth on a piece of white cardstock to make a pattern, and then cut it out of the black cardstock. I also added some teeth, and his tongue.

LEGO MOVIE Bad Cop's Shades Photo Prop

Bad Cop is seen chasing Emmet and his friends pretty much through the entire movie.  There is only one time when you see him without his reflective police shades, and that is when his ":other half"  Good Cop is present.  I would have liked to have used shiny silver paper for his shades, but I only had gray in my stock. 

LEGO Movie Wyldstyle's Hair and Lips Photo Props

Wyldstyle  teams up with Emmet and the rest of the good guys to beat Lord Business, and save the world.  Her trademarks are her bright stripes in her hair, and her full red lips.  She is one tough Master Builder who you will want on your side. 

LEGO Movie President Business's Hair Photo Prop

President Business, AKA Lord Business has very unusual hair. His hair is square and sits on the top of his head. It is based on the hair of Will Ferrel who plays him.  You can really see in the picture, but there are squiggly lines on his hair, to indicate curls.  I think part of the reason why his hair is square is he only wants order, and this style makes his hair stay in place. 

LEGO Movie Photo Props

I attached my photo props to bamboo skewers that I found at the dollar store.   They are now ready for their "close up." 

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  1. Those are so cute! I love how all your ideas are so fun, but simple and frugal!

  2. These look like a lot of fun and great for anybody who loves legos. I also love how frugal they are!

  3. how cute! My youngest really wants to see that movie,and these props would be fun to have along!

  4. Those are so cute! I've heard great things about the lego movie. Can't wait to see it with my little guy and try some of your tutorials.

  5. Just a suggestion for the bad cop glasses... tin foil! Awesome ideas, gonna use this for my son's birthday party!!


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