Friday, February 14, 2014

Chocolate Cherry Fudge

Well the day is here.  It's Valentine's Day.  Are you still thinking of what to give to your sweetie?  Early last  month, on my contributor post on Your Modern Family, I shared this recipe for my favorite fudge. I thought it would make a great fudge to give as a gift for Valentine's Day.  It is easy to put together, and you would still be able to make it before you celebrate tonight.  

You only need three ingredients for this fudge: 
a bag of chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate) 
a can of sweetened condensed milk 
a jar of maraschino cherries 

Melt the bag of chocolate chips with the can of  sweetened condensed milk on low heat.  Stir the mixture frequently until the chocolate is smooth  While you are melting the chocolate, you can work on cutting the cherries in half or in quarters. (whichever you prefer)  Dab the extra liquid off the cherries with a paper towel.  When the chocolate has melted, remove it from the heat, and stir in the cherries.   

Spray a little bit of cooking spray into a square pan.  Lay a piece of plastic wrap in the pan with the edges hanging over the sides.  Next lay down a layer of foil in the pan. Pour in the fudge into the pan, and place it in the refrigerator to set.  The plastic wrap keeps the foil from sticking to the pan, and makes it easier to lift out.  When you are ready to cut the fudge invert it on a cutting board, and remove the plastic wrap and foil.   Cut it in to bite size pieces and ENJOY!! 


  1. Chocolate and cherry - wonderful combination
    I hope you enjoyed this wonderful day
    We don't celebrate Valentine's Day but we do have a similar holiday in a few months

    1. We did a lot more when the kids were younger.. Now the best part is waiting until the day after to get candy for half off.. :)


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