Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LEGO Movie Party Bags

One thing fun about LEGO parties, is you can turn just about everything into a LEGO including party bags. I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own Lego Movie party bags. 

make your own LEGO movie party bags

The first bag that I am going to show you is the Emmet gift bag.  In the movie, Emmet has the perfect anchorman type of helmet hair.  I found it is easier to trace a hair pattern big enough to cover the top of the bag as your first step.  You can make adjustments to the pattern, and make sure that you like how it looks before cutting your brown paper or craft foam.  

Once you are happy with how it looks, cut the hair out of brown cardstock or craft foam.  One reason why I used craft foam, is I seem to be out brown cardstock. I also liked that it gave the hair a little bit of dimension.  Attach the hair with your favorite adhesive.  It could be glue, two sided tape, etc..  I used a scrapbooking adhesive roller that has not seen a scrapbook in quite awhile.  

How to make your own LEGO movie Emmet bag

One thing nice about LEGO faces, they are pretty basic and easy to replicate.  The eyes are just plain black circles. Sometimes they have simple smiles, sometimes they have big toothy grins like Emmet.  He also makes a very funny freaking out face many times throughout the movie. I chose to go with the toothy grin.

I found these long and thin bags in the party aisle of the dollar store. They would be perfect for goody bags.  I would have loved to have  them in red, but my store only had green, yellow and blue in stock. 

I used one of the bags to make the circles on each of  the LEGO bricks. I think these would look really cool with some pop dot adhesive to make the circles really stand out.  

how to make your own LEGO Movie Party Bags

These bags are a lot of fun, but yet super easy to make. 

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  1. Those are really awesome! They look so easy to make, I think it'd be a great project to get the kids in on.

  2. Oh My Gosh, these are great! I bet these would be a big hit at any party! I love all of the lego things that I am seeing lately!

  3. Great ideas for Lego party bags! So creative.

  4. Such a cute little idea and so simple!

  5. These are a lot of fun for anybody who loves legos, such a great idea!

  6. We loved The Lego Movie! Great job on the bags- cute, cute!

  7. Just letting you know I featured these at this weeks Inspiring Creativity Party! Thanks for linking with us :) Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!


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