Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snickers Cake - Feature of the Day

I hope everyone  is  hungry today, when you see today's feature.  One of my favorite type of candy is the Snicker's Bar. Winnie from shared a delicious no bake Snicker's Cake to this week's Dare to Share Linky Party.  This cake would be such a hit at almost any kind of get together or party.  To see Winnie's full recipe make sure to stop by HERE.  She post's  her blog in Hebrew, but I have think I have linked to the English translation page.  If I have not,  you can find the translate button in the upper left hand corner of her blog.  Thank you so much for linking up Winnie..  This look's really yummy!!

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  1. Thanks sooooooo much Pam for featuring it
    I'm glad you like it


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