Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our First Trip to Aldi

This week a new store opened in our town.  I have known about Aldi's for many years, but had not been to one before.   Now that I have,  I know I will be going back often. 

There are many ways that Aldi is able to offer  such low prices. One is by having their customers "rent' their shopping carts. If you want to use a cart, you put in a quarter to unlock it.  Once you are finished shopping and put it back where it belongs,  the red box gives you  your quarter back.  

The main reason why I wanted to shop at Aldi's is their amazing produce prices.  They had a very nice selection of produce  

Here are some of the items where I was  very happily surprised by the price.. 

Bananas were  only .18 a pound.   2.5 pounds were only .44!  At other stores in my area, a pound of bananas are .54. 

Cucumbers were only .17 each. 

A 3 pound bag of Clementines was only $1.59.  A 3 lb bag at other stores in my area is usually $3.99-$4.99. 

A whole pineapple was only $1.49

I knew that Aldi stores only take cash or debit cards, but I didn't realize that did not have grocery bags! Not bagging your groceries is another why they save money. Luckily I had my cloth bags in the car, so bringing all of these groceries home was not a problem.  Though it would have made a funny story if I did not have bags in the car.  

The total for all of the items on my table (most of it produce) was only $34.76.  It would have been even cheaper if I had remembered to bring my Grand Opening coupon.  (I will use it next time as it is still good through the week) 

It will be interesting to see  how shopping at Aldi's will affect my monthly grocery budget.  I will keep you posted! 



  1. I love Aldi! Their prices are great, and they have a lot of unusual things.

    1. We saw a few things that I have not seen in other stores. I will have to try them out.

  2. Aldi came to Australia about 10 years ago and totally changed the grocery market here which was pretty much run by two companies. My bill dropped $100 they are amazing :)

    1. I would love to drop our grocery budget by $100. I am hoping that the other stores in town will have even better deals to stay competitive.

  3. We started shopping at Aldi's (we are lucky enough to have 2 in our town) last December. We love them too and save so much!


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