Friday, February 15, 2013

My Scary, Scary, Craft Room

You may be wondering where I have been this week.  In addition to having 2 sick kids, I have taken on a massive project. One that has been put off for many years, and just got to the point that I could not take it anymore.   That nice empty spot in the picture above..  

... used to look like this.  I got tired of my daughter taking all of her crafting supplies into the family room  and crafting on the floor.  I got tired of having to clean off  the kitchen table whenever  we wanted to eat.   Unfortunately that corner  was not the only scary spot.. 

.. do you remember the picture of the two desks piled high with craft stuff that I posted at the beginning of the year?   That has improved some..  I moved one of the desks to the empty corner, that is now going to be Kara's design and crafting spot.    

I took this picture before I spent several hours working in the room yesterday. That large pile in front of the white  dresser has been sorted, and is not longer there..  You may be wondering how in the world did my craft room become a giant pile of stuff.  Well as you can tell I am a craft supply hoarder.  (It is not that bad in other rooms, this is the messiest room in the house!) There are also a lot of the kids projects in there, not just supplies.  It has never been organized since we moved in There was always a reason.. I was too busy, I was too tired, it was too overwhelming etc..  When new things were brought in, it could not put it away so  it went on the top of the pile.  It is now time!!.. It WILL be sorted, put away, thrown out etc.. We will be able to use our craft room and find things once again.  I hope to post some after pictures soon!   Are there any other craft hoarders out there?  

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