Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sonic the Hamster, Chapter 2

Some of you might remember in late October when Kara had to say goodbye to her sweet friend Sonic. He was a great hamster. He was full of life until the very end, when a cancerous tumor had grown too big for his tiny body.   

This past Friday we stopped by the pet store to pick up some crickets for our Bearded Dragon, when she saw a hamster cage with a hamster in it.  Someone had decided they no longer could keep him, and returned him to the pet store.  When he popped his head up from his bedding  to say hello, she started to cry. He looked EXACTLY like Sonic, and even had the same cage that Sonic  had owned.  We asked the girl working if he was for  sale. She said that he had just been brought in, and the person who was in charge of pricing would be in over the weekend.  They took our name and number, and said they would call soon.  This afternoon, they had not called yet. Kara could not take it anymore, and begged me to go to the pet store. 

She ran to the back of the store where his cage was located. She was devastated when she did not see him in  the cage.  One of the girls who working today was standing nearby feeding some of the animals.  She told me that  when she was cleaning his cage, he got loose and was currently under a nearby shelf.  They had been trying to get him out, but so far had no luck.  She was very stressed that he had got away.  I told her that Kara had a way with animals, and asked if she could try.  She said, yes of course she can!   

Kara was bound and determined that she was going to get him out. She was not going to leave the store without him!  I knew not to even try to make her leave. I made myself a seat on a nearby shelf. 

Within 20 minutes or so, guess who Kara retrieved from his hiding place.   Once he was safe and sound, the manager said if we wanted the hamster he was only $5.99. (with a  few free  treats thrown in by a relieved worker)  It would have cost us more  if we needed his cage, but we did not need it.The cage he was in  was taped up and looked a lot like the one our cat had knocked off the shelf.  Since we already have THREE cages and another hamster,  we told them we just wanted him. .  Right now he is making himself at home in the new cage we bought for Sonic the 1st in  September.  Shadow the hamster lives in a different cage.  Shadow and Sonic  have sort of met when they were both in their hamster balls at the same time.   This Sonic is only 7 or 8 months old, so hopefully he will be around for awhile.

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