Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oreo Truffles Times Two

How to make Oreo Truffles 

I planned on sharing this earlier, but things kept coming up and before I knew the entire day passed me by.  The other day we made TWO kinds of Oreo truffles. Both were extremely easy and taste really good.  My favorite is the cherry oreo truffle.  For this recipe you need a brick of cream cheese, a package of oreos, a jar of maraschino cheeries, and candy coating of your choice.  We chose to use the red candy melts.

Smash the Oreos until they crumbs. You can use a blender if you have one, if not you can use a rolling pin and a baggie like I had to use.  I double bagged about a 1/3 of the package and rolled the rolling pin over until I was satisfied.    Add the softened brick of cream cheese.  I just placed in the microwave (without the wrapper) for about 20 seconds.  Mix the Oreos and cream cheese together.   Chill in the fridge for a bit so that it is easier to form into balls.

I rolled each truffle around a maraschino cherry. They were on a bit on the bigger side to make sure that the cherry was totally covered.  Place back into the fridge a bit. You want to make sure they are chilled or they might fall apart when dipping them in the chocolate/candy coating.

Here are some of the balls after they were dipped in the melted candy coating.  If you use two forks, a lot of the excess candy will drip back into the bowl. A few of my truffles did poop a little bit, but since they are just for family and not gifts, I was okay with that.

The cherry in the middle is a sweet surprise!

For the mint truffles all you need are the mint flavored (green) Oreos, a brick of cream cheese, and the candy coating of chose.  We chose green candy melts.

I made the mint truffles in the same way, but left out the maraschino cherry. We dipped them in the green candy melts  and then  sprinkled with green sprinkles. No matter if you chose the cherry, the mint, or even plain Oreo truffles, they taste so good and make a great treat to share with friends.

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  1. These are easy to make and super delicious!
    I really like the pink ones


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