Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Lights 3 Ways

If you have been a long time follower, then you might have heard the story of my miracle Christmas tree.  At the end of Christmas season in 2010, we saw that our tree was  beginning to show signs of a lot of wear.  
I was really hoping we could get a new one, but it was not really in the budget. I said a little prayer asking for a new tree if it was meant to be.  Around New Years Day I had to go to Target. Since Kara's dance class was nearby, we decided to stop by after her class.  I was surprised to see that Christmas items were 90% off that day. Since it was already after 7 .p.m., I knew that I would have little to no chance to finding a Christmas tree.  I looked around just in case, and as I thought there was no trees left. As I was looking at ornaments, a Target worker walked up to me carrying a big box.  He told me he had found a tree in the back, and wanted to know if I would like it.. Of course I said a big YES!!  It was a 7+ foot pre-lit flocked tree. It was beautiful!  The original price was $225, and I could have it that day for only $22.50. 

The only thing that I wished I could have changed was the color of the pre-lit lights. It was an all white tree, but I have always been partial to color lights.  Now when the tree goes up,  I add some color lights in addition to the white lights. 

I love how the white and the color lights look together!  This picture does not do it justice.  

Having both white and color lights on my tree is really having the best of both worlds.  

When we feel like white lights, all we have to do is plug in the white light cord.  When we want color, we do the same with the color light cord. When we really want a lot of lights, we plug in both.  This would be a great idea if you have two people in the same house who prefer different types of lights, or if you want to set different moods during the Christmas season.  


  1. Oh ,how beautiful! I like the colorful lights best.

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  3. I love that story - what a great way to get a tree! We always had colored lights growing up - I love my parent's tree!


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