Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Must Read Ebook for a More Disiplined Life

As many of you know from past posts, I was diagnosed about a year or two ago with adult ADD.  I found out this information after two of my children were also diagnosed. Throw in my thyroid issues, and I am lucky I remember anything. There are times when things in my life are a bit chaotic. (okay I will say it, my life is chaotic pretty much all the time.)  I will never claim to have a super clean house with everything organized.  My house is far from it,  especially with 3  children who seem to have gotten the unorganized gene from me.    I was very excited to learn that Crystal Paine, a writer/blogger who I have followed for several years, is coming out with a new  Ebook, that might give my chaotic, unorganized life some order.  

You may know Crystal from the blog MoneySavingMom.com.   I have followed her blog for several years, and she always gives such great advice on how to be more frugal.  I am sure I have saved hundreds of dollars by reading her site. I respect her opinion, and I know she lives what she teaches.   If she is able to help me be more disciplined and in charge of my own life instead of it being in charge of me, I am all for it!    If this sounds like you too,  now is the time to buy this Ebook.   It will be on special sale for only .99  until Oct 26th.  After that day, it will go up to its full price of $6.99.   By buying now, you will not only save $6, but will hopefully  have enough time to learn something by the holidays.

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