Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Countdown to Halloween- Apple Candy Monsters

For today's countdown idea, I am bringing back another oldie, but goodie.  Last year my kids had a blast making apple candy monsters.  This snack is even "semi-nutricious" if you can get your child to eat the apple after they are done.

We went through our stash of candy and picked up a few more items from the dollar store.

We cut the smiles with a paring knife.

The kids then went to town decorating their apples with the candy.

Can you tell who made which one?  Ha Ha. I think they were making apple versions of themselves at the time. I don't think Kara would fit the angel apple this year.

Some more of our handiwork.   This was such a fun activity for us.  Now is the perfect time to make apple candy monsters with your own kids,  since apples are now in season.

If you would like to see the original post and some more pictures of us making our monster,  you can see them  HERE.

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