Friday, April 27, 2012

Dare to Share #4 Features

Once again I was so excited to see all the wonderful ideas on Dare to Share.    It was once again hard to pick out my features of the week.    If you are not featured on the blog,  you might also be featured on Pinterest or my Facebook page.

In honor my sons 13th birthday this weekend,  I chose There is No Place Like Homemade and her wonderful R2D2 cake.  I am so bummed that my son only wants plan cupcakes. I would so like to make him a cake like this!

Going with the Star Wars theme (though not intentionally)  I also adore this Yoda T shirt by Homemade This and That

How cool is this rainbow jello by Yearning to Create.  I never would have thought to layer all those colors.  This would be a really cool dessert for a rainbow themed party.

Kara the craft diva's pick of the week are these super cook handmade horse earrings by Make It Easy Crafts.  This craft had two things going for it that caught Kara's eye.  #1 it was an animal craft and #2 she LOVES earrings.  She got her ears pierced last year and has become a bit obsessed.  She now wants to start making her own earrings.  Now that we see how it is done, I think it is something we will have to try.

If you have been featured, feel free to post one of my buttons.  Now that I have a new computer I hope to get a special Featured button made.  Until then you can use this button

Dare to Share will be going live in a few hours. I hope you will all come back and share what new things you have been working this week..


  1. Thanks for the feature! I love these earrings I wore a pair today and got a ton of commnents! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Rainbow Jello!!! It's always a big hit whenever I make it for a party!
    Have a great day - I am!!!

  3. Thank you so very much for featuring my cake!! I am so flattered!(enter blushing) The was such a hit and so fun to make. Happy birthday to you son! I hope he enjoyed his special day. Angain thank you for the feature! Love the other features by the way!!

    Ashley @ Thereisnoplacelikehomemade


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