Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updates from the Chaos

We had quite a morning..  All 3 of our kitties had their annual check ups at the vet today.  They were a few weeks overdue for their shots, and with the crazy school schedule starting next week I wanted  to get in before that happened.  I also wanted to go when I had extra hands to help,  since I was taking in 3 kitties at once.  

One thing they check at the appointment is a "sample from what comes out of a cat".   Since we are a multicat household, they just take a family sample because unless you are at the box at the time, its impossible to tell what belongs to who.   They gave me plastic contatiner, and I put it in my purse without looking at it.  When I got home I was surprised to see a tootsie roll and some cat treats inside.  I have taken cats to to the vet for years, and have never had a tootsie roll in the contatiner before.   I called the vet's office just to see if I was to do something special with that tootsie roll.   The vet tech just laughed and said that it was a treat for me. It was also a bit ironic that the name on the container was our gray cat in the 1st picture. Her name just happens to be named Tootise.   I had to admit, it was pretty funny.    

Updates on the frogs..  The frogs were doing great in their habitat the last few days, that it until this morning.   When I came downstairs I noticed a lot water all over the kitchen floor, and a funny smell. Then I saw what was causing that water and smell.  One of the cats had knocked the habitat off the counter and it had landed upside down.   We have found 2 of the 3 frogs and let them free back outside.   We have no idea where the 3rd and smallest frog is, we are hoping it is not in a cat belly.    At the moment my house smells like a pond.. Ewww!!!  I need to mop the kitchen floor ASAP.  I did not have time before we left for the vet appt. 

Since I heard many good things about the Canvas People deal that I posted about yesterday, I decided I wanted to give it a try.   I could not find a certain picture from when the kids were little that I wanted to use, but I did come across another one of my favorites.  This was taken Halloween 2006, and all three of the kids are smiling and having fun. I cant wait to see how it turns out!

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