Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Moving Curse

We are beginning to think that Kara has the moving curse.  At the end of every school year, one of her best friends has moved away.   Now if it was just one or two, it would just be a fluke.  Unfortunately we are way more than that.  We are about to lose #5 to moving in just 4 school years.  In first grade it was Brooke.  In second grade there were TWO!  Her best friend from her class Hanah, and her best friend from preschool Marlo.   In third grade, her best friend Keely was going to move south at the end of the school year  to be closer to family. They couldn't sell their house,  and decided to stay here for now.. Whew!   We thought maybe we would not lose a friend to moving that year,  when we got the news that Medaya was moving over the summer.   At the end of fourth grade, no one moved.  We thought we broke the curse. WOOHOO!  Then on Aug 27, I heard from Caitlyns mom that she got a really good job oppurtunity, and they would be moving in less than a month. Kara was crushed.  Caitlyn has been one of her best friends for  the last 2 years.  She understood why they had to go, and that this job was meant to be by the way it happened, but that didnt make it an easier.  Caitlyn was even going to be on her teacher team this year, so they would be in the same class part of the time.   Caitlyn went to her last day of school yesterday.  This weekend we are having a going away party to say goodbye.    Then in just a few days, they will be on the road.      Today I will be putting together a going away gift, and making some going away treats.  Now I just have to figure out what to do.

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