Friday, February 2, 2024

It's Party Time, Let's Dare to Share!

It is Friday night, and you know what that means..
It is time to Dare to Share! 

If you were at last week's Dare to Share party you saw that we were able to have the Candyland party at my work last Friday.  On Saturday I was able to write more about it in my post  Our Candyland Party. It was a fun, busy party that took over our entire center.  I was able to get some pictures of the party, but not near as many as I would have liked. I was busy leading the Bingo game and helping at the  Lollipop Room Cookie Walk for the majority of the party. 

We also had a lot going on this week, so I did not have add an new Etsy listing this week. I have one that is about 75% done, so I hope to get it up soon.  This week were hoping to make a quick run to our home town to pick up a freezer from D's mom.  Since we do not have cars that are big enough, we were planning on renting a trailer.  I have a hitch on my car that we have not used before. (I got the car from a couple at my church a few years ago).  We went to pick up the trailer from a rental place that was in the next town over.  Everything was going great until they were connecting the trailer to my car.  They found that there was some sort of short in my hitch wire so we could not get back lights on the trailer. Since we did not have back lights, we were not able to rent the trailer. After being disappointed, we made ourselves feel better at a delicious pizza place nearby. :) We are going to see if we can fix the hitch lights, and try to get the freezer on Sunday.  My family is also in town for a few days this week for my uncle's Celebration of Life ceremony this weekend.  While I was not that close to my uncle who passed, I look forward to seeing family members I am not able to see often. Maybe next week I will get back to my normal schedule. 

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Since it is getting late, and I have an early morning tomorrow, let's get this party started.   Link Up and HAVE FUN! 

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to host each week! Good luck with the trailer fix/freezer pick up and enjoy your family time this weekend!

  2. Thank you for hosting Pam and wishing you a fantastic new week.
    My links: 48+49. We will be so happy if you share your links (Monday to Saturday) with us at SeniorSalonPitStop. Link under BLOGGING.


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