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Class Party Unicorn Valentine Box


One of my favorite Valentine's Day crafts is my Unicorn Valentine Box.  I have always loved unicorns, and this unicorn box actually can be used for other things in addition to Valentine's Day.  It can be used for birthday parties, fun kids room decor or  even storage.  The best thing about is, it is super inexpensive to make, all of the supplies (except the box and cardboard tubes) came from the Dollar Tree.

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You will need a medium size box to make the body of the unicorn.  A shoe box is a great size if you have one.  I found this nice, sturdy box on sale for just a few dollars at Meijer a few years ago.  I  have also seen them at Target, and craft stores. If you do use a box you already have you will need to cut a slot in the top of the box.  This box was already white, but depending on your box you can either paint it or wrap it in colored wrapping paper.  

You will use four cardboard rolls for the legs. Paint them your desired unicorn color.  I had considered painting mine purple, but decided to keep it white.  

In the wrapping paper aisle of the Dollar Tree, there are many different ribbons and bows that can be used for the mane and tail. I chose the multi-color ribbon on the right in this picture. 

I also found a few items that would be good to make the unicorn head.  My final choice was the round pink tumbler. The foam block will also work if you prefer a more square shape.

I wrapped both the cup, and the foam block with white paper and sat them on the box to see how they looked. Personally, I felt the round cup looked more like an unicorn head. 

I attached the legs to the bottom of the box with hot glue. 

I was able to separate the curly ribbon bows into smaller bows, so they were easier to shape into the mane.   I used four of the smaller bows to make the mane. 


I then used two of the small bows to make the tail. I love how the curls look on both the mane and the tail.  

 Since the unicorn was going to be used for Valentine's Day, I added pink craft foam hearts on the snout. 

The last step is to add the eyes and horn. The horn is a piece of rolled pink cardstock. Dollar Tree now carries pre-made horns in the party section,  if you prefer to use an already made one.  

Your unicorn is now ready to go to school and collect all the Valentines.  

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