Thursday, January 18, 2024

Making Candyland Party Props

 At my work we are having a Candyland themed party this week.  While I do not have pictures of this year's decorations yet, I do have some pics of candy and treats I have made in the past that would make great Candyland Party Props. 

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Where to start? I think I will start with cupcakes.  I have made two very different kinds of cupcakes.  

I made the cupcake in the top photo as a Christmas decoration. I used a flower pot I had from last summer, a clear 14 inch plastic plate, a large red ornament from Dollar Tree, and expanding foam.  

I sprayed expanding foam on the plastic plate and added the ornament before the foam dried. The plate was the perfect size to fit in my Dollar Tree flower pot from the Plus section. 

You can see how to make the other cupcake from the Dollar Tree laundry basket in this post here.   Also in the photo are pool noodle lollipops.  I made bigger ones this year with two noodles, and rolls of cellophane. 

While we are not using these faux lollipops and cotton candy for our party this year, they would make perfect party props or  Valentine's Day decor.  You can see how I made them in this post here.

I made this Princess Lolly out of poster board.  Instead of using flat lollipop cut outs like in the picture, she could be holding the 3-D styrofoam lollipops. 

Last year I made this gingerbread man out of cardboard for the party.  He was the the leader of smaller gingerbread characters the kids had made. 

This year for Christmas I made a 5 foot gingerbread man for the corner of our dining room. He is very easy to make and all of the supplies come from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.  I bought the brown poster board from Hobby Lobby.  You can see how to make him here.

A fun craft for a Candyland party are these party boxes made with paper mache boxes and craft foam. While I bought this kit from Oriental Trading  with every thing you need to make 12 boxes, it can also easily be made with supplies from the Dollar Tree. 

I will be adding more Candyland props after the party! 

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